The hosts have been together rocking out to NIN since their high school days. Addresses may have been changed or oceans crossed, but one constant remains. We're in this together now.

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Alex Gertsma  @thewretched1111
Somewhat Damaged
Aquarius, Debtor to the University of Kansas, and karaoke lover, Alex currently resides in Seattle, USA. He has been a NIN fan since a friend first had him listen to The Downward Spiral. A lot that has happened since then [NIN-related and otherwise, but to keep the list down, let's stick to the NIN-related things]: the purchasing of nearly every halo (save for some of those rare imports), the hundreds of dollars spent on concert tickets, the attending of a performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles and this podcast thing.

Tito Danger Burns  @aerotito
Mr. Self Destruct
Danger is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, businessman and philanthropist. Since heeding l'appel de la mer, and heading out Californee way, he takes to the beach to catch a wave or two and continues to support his yearly Cirrhosis Symposium (which has been called the social event of the season by 

Danny Mantyla  @mannydantyla
Guns By Computer
With only a bunch of oddly worded phrases and crude drawings from Alex, he wrote the code for THROW IT AWAY's awesome website.
Visit Danny's space and enlist his services at

Johnny Physics  @stellarcannibalism
Screaming Slave
Johnny is gracious enough to donate some of his time to edit the podcast. Thanks Johnny!
To get a hold of him for any mixing, mastering, sound design or composing, email him here.



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